Tampa Roof Cleaning – SAFE Restoration of Tile & Shingle

The Tampa Roof Cleaning team provides professional roof cleaning – pressure washing exterior cleaning & window washing services in Tampa and all the surrounding areas of West Central Florida.

Call TODAY!  813-347-9120 for a no obligation hassle-free price quote for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

With our services, you will:

  • Eliminate the health effects of mold
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Improve your property’s curb appeal
  • Improve the integrity of your structure
  • Save on energy bills

Our roof cleaning services are performed by trained technicians using professional-grade equipment and cleaners which are specifically designed for cleaning roofs. What’s more, we use a low-pressure, environmentally safe wash to ensure neither your shingles nor surrounding property is not damaged during the cleaning process.

We specialize in removing large black roof stains, mold, moss, and lichen, and our professional staff can also provide cleaning for gutters, siding, decks, stairs, driveways, and walkways to give your property an overall face-lift.

Why do I have dark stains on my roof?

The dark roof stains that makes your home look worn and weathered are caused by actively growing algae and fungus.  Over time, algae and fungus eat away the organic components of your shingles or tiles, aging your roof well before it needs to be replaced. Moreover, it can negatively impact your energy costs because of moisture retention and reflectivity loss which results in heat accumulation.

To make matters worse, when it rains, algae spores will wash down from your roof and eventually spread stains to your gutters, brick, and other painted areas.

How much do your services generally cost?

At Tampa Roof Cleaning, we typically quote by the square foot, however, the size of the job, roof pitch, landscaping, and overall severity of the stains also play factors in the overall cost.  You can count on us to transform your roof while working within a budget you can afford.

Call TODAY! 813-347-9120 for a no obligation hassle-free price quote.

Florida Statewide: expanded service area for large commercial exterior cleaning jobs.



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